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Drop Shipping Companies: Why So Many People Fail When Dealing With Wholesale Dropshippers

A Lesson on Drop Shipping Companies

A Lesson on Drop Shipping Companies

How to make it happen for you...

Glad you could join Zabubli today on a serious lesson on drop shipping companies.

They're out there. People who swear that they know the best drop shipping companies, or that wholesale drop shipping is in their blood. They'll say you should listen to them and buy whatever they're selling. Here’s what Zabubli thinks: They don’t know jack.

Top Resources: The Got No Time Special for Those in a Rush

In this lesson, we’ll discuss different things, drop shipping companies being just one of them. It might be long, but this is not a cookie-cutter blog post. I'm not here to lure visitors just to click on some advertisement. I've worked with drop shipping companies for decades and I speak the truth.

I know this business and I speak my mind about it. If you can’t handle it, then it is your choice to leave.

For the rest of you aspiring entrepreneurs, here’s what we’ll be discussing:

    • The main reasons why so many people fail at this business while working with drop shipping companies.
    • Different categories and niches where you can make money drop shipping.
    • I’m gonna skip the sweet talk and tell you the truth about wholesale drop shipping clubs, my recommended dropship source & dropshippers directory.
    • Are there any legitimate drop shipping companies? If so, which ones and how do we know?
    • Working with eBay and drop shipping companies.
    • My confidential sources with gigantic (and legitimate) lists of wholesale suppliers and distributors, eBay drop shippers, and drop shipping companies where you can deal with the best in the business without carrying any inventory yourself.

Why People Fail With Drop Shipping Business

As soon as the internet came to be, I was operating many online businesses. This included eCommerce websites and eBay stores. At the same time, I came across every scam you can imagine.

Wholesale drop shipping business is like the restaurant business: Majority will fail during the first year. Here’s why:

When people think about the business of wholesale drop shipping, they think "easy money".

Since when has any business been easy money? It all takes work.

The problem is that you go online and hear about how amazing the drop shipping business can be. Some fantasy-sellers tell you how it’s such easy money. How you can just open up shop on eBay or set up an online store, use drop shipping companies, and start cashing.

They say you can work with anyone from jewelry drop shippers to wholesale electronics. In your mind, they already have you selling handbags, gift baskets, and what have you. You think you're going to make a fortune selling wholesale products on the internet. They even sell you dreams about how you will soon be importing your own super-high profit products directly from China.

Does anyone else see a problem with what I just said?

This mentality is flawed. Let's take our (fictious) friend Joe for a second here. Joe is thinking in terms of EASY MONEY. There is no such thing. Not when it comes to working with drop shipping companies --- and any business.

Imagine with me for a moment: You run an online store which also sells products on eBay. It uses auctions for income. You have a huge wholesale warehouse where you store merchandise & keep your inventory.

Your warehouse carries mega-goods: DVDs, furniture, wholesale electronics, clothing, handbags, software, aftermarket car parts and accessories, folding bikes. You name it, Joe’s shopster of a store has got it. We’re talking brand name, high-quality goods. Some even come straight from China! The top in wholesale products that money can buy.

Joe does aggressive online promotions for his websites. He takes good care of his customers. He practically lives in his warehouse to ensure all operations are running smoothly. He handles any issues and complaints with an utter sense of urgency. He offers a money back guarantee in case his customers aren’t satisfied with the product.

He even offers free shipping for orders over a certain amount, to generate extra sales. To top it all off, he’s even a member of the Better Business Bureau --- and proudly displays the BBB seal on his company’s website.

Joe’s found some real quality wholesale resources. No middlemen. He gets most product direct wholesale from China, and ships just about anywhere in the world.

Joe knows what he’s doing. He has a plan to run his business. He plans his work and works his plan.

Joe is a busy guy.

Now, absorb everything I just said and remove one painstaking process from it: Inventory management.

There, you have a REAL drop shipping business, using real drop shipping companies.

Avantages of Starting an Online Store With Drop Shipping

Avantages of Starting an Online Store With Drop Shipping

The Advantages of Starting An Online Store With Drop Shipping

As we can see, it is just like running any other business. But the advantage of private label shipping with companies that drop ship means you don’t have to worry about:

    • Warehousing.
    • Stocking and managing inventory.
    • Packaging and shipping the items.

Yes, not having to worry about all that stuff would be a big load off Joe’s busy daily schedule. He would spend less time worrying about his warehouse operations. He would be even more successful devoting his time to building and marketing his business.

Which categories and niches are good for making money with wholesale suppliers & drop shipping companies? What are the top dropship products?

I don’t know, what size shoe do I wear?

All kidding aside… Zabubli feels compelled to tell you that this is one business where your possibilities are actually almost endless.

As far as categories, you’re only limited by your imagination. Anything that you can see around you --- that you see at malls, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, Amazon, eBay, etc --- can be drop shipped straight to your customers.

Here's the caveat: This can only happen IF you find the right source of quality, legitimate, reliable, REAL suppliers and drop shippers.

There are thousands of niches to get into these days. Think about it. Below is just a short list of what people want to buy:

    • clothes
    • shoes
    • bikes
    • binoculars
    • sporting equipment
    • security cameras
    • Coach bags
    • cheap suits
    • high-end electronics
    • women’s stuff
    • men’s products
    • cameras
    • home furnishings
    • laptops
    • televisions
    • kitchen items
    • home & garden products
    • nutrition
    • games
    • Xbox, PlayStation, and video games

… do I need to go on?

Over the past two decades, Zabubli has seen many who have tried to work with drop shipping companies and failed. Sometimes illegitimate suppliers pulled a fast one on some of my good colleagues right in front of them. Yet, everyone whom I saw failing had one thing in common: trying to be EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY.

Imagine running an online store with all the products I just mentioned above and more. WOW. Yes, the big guys like Amazon.com can do it. Or Wal-Mart can do it. But don’t think you can replicate their success overnight. The can do it because they’re huge, they’ve got money, power, and resources.

For someone just starting out, the key is to specialize in a given niche.

Laser-line focus is a must. I've discussed this in detail in my guide to finding the best niche products to sell online. You pick one category, find a market within that category, and cater to that group of shoppers. Forget about everyone else for now.

Sell Binoculars for Bird Watching with Drop Shipping

Sell Binoculars for Bird Watching with Drop Shipping

For example, how about having an online store where binoculars are sold specifically for bird-watching? Millions of people have that hobby. That is a focused business plan.

Or, how about selling hidden security cameras to parents who have a nanny or babysitter in the house watching their kid(s) when they’re away. They want to know if their kids get treated properly by this helper they've hired. That is what we call laser line focus.

Bottom line: I don’t recommend anyone starting out to just set up one big shop selling everything under the sun.

Just because you can potentially have access to drop shipping companies who ship all types of goods you can think of, doesn't mean you should try to sell it all.

It sounds good in theory, but trust me, unless you’ve got a $50,000 advertising and promotion budget to start with at the minimum -- you’ll be left wondering why your “huge” online store left you broke. Why you couldn’t sell even a small amount of stuff on eBay when you had “such a variety”. Sometimes variety can kill, so focus on a particular niche to start with and you will be fine.

Sometimes variety can kill, so focus on a particular niche to start with and you will be fine.

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Marketing an eCommerce Website: Conquer Small First, Then Go Big

After you’ve conquered a smaller market, you can expand and make it bigger. For example, instead of selling desktop computers to parents whose kids are just starting school, you add laptops to your product selection. And make recommendations on which ones are the best for those grown up kids going away to college soon.

You slowly add other products into the mix that appeal to the same demographic that you’re working with. In the above case, that's parents who have children in the house and want to spend money on buying gadgets for them. What are the possibilities with that? Endless.

eBay Drop Shipping for Successful Dropshippers

Here's Zabubli’s 411 on selling products on eBay using wholesale drop shippers, otherwise known as drop shipping companies. How to quickly find $uccess as an eBay seller:

Okay, let’s get down to the nitty and gritty about using eBay to make money online with dropshipping. There have been many books written on the subject of doing business on eBay. Most of them are worthless and only designed to make money for them, when YOU buy them.

You don't need to pay for books at this point. I offer a free report that should be more than enough to get you started.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

If you're looking to invest into actually educating yourself when it comes to making money on eBay with drop shipping companies, then you need to check out this course. At the time of this writing, over 16,000 people have taken this course. The instructor has a rating of almost 5 stars after 2700+ ratings. If that's not enough proof how good this course is, then I don't know what else is.

Click here to check it out.

The Main Challenge with eBay Today

eBay offers an opportunity to get in front of millions upon millions of eyeballs. These people are not there to mess around, they are there to buy products. They are there to give their business and money to sellers like us who want it. The main problem with eBay today is market saturation.

Zabubli has seen eBay transform from what it was when it first started, to the saturated beast it is today. It doesn’t matter what you want to sell, you will find it on eBay already being sold for pennies on the dollar. Does that stop me from using eBay drop shippers to make money online? You better believe it doesn’t.

How do I do it? Well, you gotta play smart. If you skipped to this part of the page thinking you’ll find the secret to getting rich overnight with eBay, then scroll back up and read the part about specializing in certain categories and niches. It holds especially true on eBay. Think long-term. You are on not on eBay to sell one product for $20 that you bought for $10. Smart business people don’t play like that.

You are there as a presence for your online or eBay store.

You are building a list of prospects. People who will buy from you again and again if they like the way you do business. The key is selling items for low prices first... just make a couple of dollars on it. Break even, even lose a couple of dollars if you can afford to do so. Take advantage of the drop shipping companies you're working with and find the best stuff to sell. In the end, it is well worth it.

Why? Because as you sell on eBay and deal with customers, you are building your reputation (known as feedback on eBay). Most importantly: you are building a list of targeted prospects.

You know what these people want to buy and what makes them tick. You've followed Zabubli's advice so you have access to more legitimate drop shipping companies than you can handle. If you don’t know what makes them tick, or what they want to buy, then what? Simply ask them. You’d be surprised.

Selling Stuff on eBay to Make Money

Understand this: eBay itself is not the end-all, be all. You need to use eBay as an avenue to greater success.

Next time you got a hot product you want to advertise, guess what? Instead of putting it on eBay for a low-balled price, you contact all those prospects who discussed above directly. You skip the middle-man (eBay in this case). You go straight to the person who’s going to give you their money (i.e. your customer). Send an e-mail to your list of customers with your latest offerings, with a link to YOUR online store. Tell them to visit your website for more information and to make a purchase. This is where you make the profits, and get on a path towards financial freedom.

If you have built trust with a targeted group of prospects, they will buy from you time and time again. This is not just Zabubli’s opinion. This is a proven fact in business and marketing. At this point, price won’t be the number one reason people buy from you. YOU will be the #1 reason they buy from you.

Your customers now have had happy experiences dealing with you. They don’t care for going on eBay and searching for the same product to see if they can find it cheaper. They could care less about bidding on it for a week or two to save a couple of dollars. They want it now and they want it from you. Use your drop shipping companies, give your customers what they want, and let them shop at your online store.

Combine this strategy with using products and goods from drop shipping companies, and you’ll be on your way to making some serious money selling on eBay and being successful in your business. This is how you need to play it when it comes to selling on eBay and actually making money with it, while building a long-term business.

I am telling you, take this nugget of advice and go do something for yourself. If you want to see my recommendation for a source who specializes in eBay drop shipping, click here. If you’re cheap and not willing to spend a couple of bucks to gain access to thousands of verified, legitimate drop shipping companies, wholesalers and suppliers (and a community forum of the top eBay power sellers sharing their secrets), then don’t take my recommendation. The choice is yours.

So who is the real wholesaledropshipper that I use? Which wholesale drop shippers are there and which drop shipping companies are the best?

Glad you asked. Listen, if you think buying or downloading some list of free wholesale drop shipping companies is going to get you anywhere, then you’re sadly mistaken.

Why would people share that type of information for free? Sure, they might tell you one little supplier and source here and there. But how do you get access to thousands of suppliers and drop shipping companies --- with hundreds of thousands of products at your disposal?

I keep hearing about Doba, who charges you a MONTHLY fee for information about drop shipping companies? You gotta be kidding me. Simplx, SMC? Hey you wanted my recommendations right? Those are not it. That’s not to say that those are scammers --- because Zabubli doesn’t want any trouble. There are people who like them and use them. But there are other directories of wholesale drop shippers where every single dropshipper is verified and legit.

The Real Deal - Work Towards Success.jpg

The Real Deal - Work Towards Success.jpg

Well, to Zabubli there are only 2 real drop shipping companies that make the cut.

My all time favorite source for thousands of legitimate drop shipping companies and suppliers…

…is this one.

They’ve been around forever, and I’ve done business with them and through them for SEVERAL years. We’re talking over 8000 dropshippers and wholesalers. We’re talking over 7 million products from any category you can imagine. We're talking guaranteed wholesale prices.

They are the most comprehensive drop ship resource online that you can imagine. They will connect you with the drop shipping companies you're looking for. They are even certified by eBay to engage in the business. Does that mean something to you? It means something to me.

This is not a kid’s game, so prepare to be overwhelmed by choices after you join. As discussed above, find a niche & category that you want to specialize in. It can be anything: clothing, computers, televisions, handbags, watches, brand name products — whatever. Figure out what you want to sell, deal with suppliers, set up and promote your online store, and make money.

You can take the free trial, but be prepared to pay a one-time fee to gain permanent lifetime access to this amazing resource.

If you can’t invest a small amount in your business, then you need to rethink what it is you're trying to achieve here.

Click here to see who I’m talking about and join if you want to do something with making a business for yourself. You can spend all day everyday online reading reviews or just go direct to the source and start building business relationships. Start making money.

My second source will get you access to thousands of verified drop shipping companies and suppliers, for a smaller fee (one-time fee for lifetime access and free updates). This is more if you want to specialize in eBay and use drop shippers to make some good profit. They’ve got a large community of about 60,000 members. Real eBay powersellers are always available to answer questions. Zabubli has learned a great deal from them --- and still finds some good advice in the members area here from time to time.

I am a member of both, but I know not everyone has the money (or the desire) to do so. I just like to be on top of my business.

Almost is a way of life to almost everybody in America. But the winners do it. They do it, and do it, and do it, and do it... until the job gets done.

Art Williams

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

Get started making money with drop shipping companies now.

I use the first one for my online stores and this second one to be a ruthless power seller on eBay. The choice is yours.