That’s Right: You Too Can Run A Home-Based DropShip Business, For Next To Nothing

Zabubli Says: You don’t have to be a billion dollar corporation to be able to run a (home-based) dropship business these days.

You don’t even need a large start-up capital like it was once the case (oh, the good [bad?] old days).

With the advent of Internet in these modern times, anyone can start a home based business, right from their bedroom. No office needed, no workforce needed, no warehouse needed. At least not until you get bigger and your business demands it. Once you get to such a point, you will actually be able to afford it as well.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a home-based business these days, you cannot go wrong with a drop shipping business if you play your cards right.

With the Internet, you’re looking at being able to run a full fledged business, no matter what your situation may be financially or otherwise, at any given moment. When I say a full fledged business, I’m talking:

  • A complete, professional website with a shopping cart
  • Your own domain name (.com, .net, or whatever you like)
  • Your own hosting set-up
  • The ability to process credit card transactions securely
  • Your own toll-free phone number if you wish to have one
  • Business cards, flyers, pamphlets… the whole 9 yards.

All this can really be done for a few hundred dollars at most. Heck, it can be done for about $50 if you’re really strapped for cash.

Could you ever even imagine opening a physical, brick-and-mortar store for less than a good five to six figure investment at the least? This is the beauty we know as the Internet my friends. This is the business we know as a dropship business.

In the end, the harder you work, the more it’s going to pay off. If you don’t want to do all the work yourself, you can outsource it (have someone else do it) very inexpensively online as well, as long as you have some funds to invest.

If you don’t have, or don’t want to, invest any of your funds, then that’s completely fine. Just be prepared to do a lot of the “grunt work” yourself.

My all time favorite source for thousands of legitimate drop shipping companies and suppliers…

…is this one.

They’ve been around forever, and I’ve done business with them and through them for SEVERAL years. We’re talking over 8000 dropshippers and wholesalers. We’re talking over 7 million products from any category you can imagine, for guaranteed wholesale prices. They are the most comprehensive drop ship resource online that you can imagine, and also certified by eBay to engage in the business. Does that mean something to you? It means something to me.

This is not a kid’s game, be prepared to be overwhelmed by choices after you join. Find a niche & category that you want to specialize in: clothing, computers, televisions, handbags, brand name products — whatever, and deal with suppliers based on what you’re looking to sell and make money with.

You can take the free trial, but be prepared to pay a hefty $300 one-time fee to gain permanent lifetime access to this amazing resource.

If you can’t invest $300 in your business, then what are you doing here? Go get a job.

Click here to see who I’m talking about and join if you want to get off your butt and do something.

My second source, will get you access to thousands of verified drop ship companies and suppliers, for under $70 bucks (one time fee for lifetime access and free updates). This is more if you want to mainly specialize in eBay and use drop shippers to make some good profit on eBay. They’ve got over a large community of about 60,000 members, and real eBay powersellers are always available to answer questions. Zabubli has learned a great deal from them. Even now that she is a monster seller and doesn’t need anyone’s help, she still finds some good advice in the members area here from time to time.

I am a member of both, but I know not everyone has the money (or the desire) to do so. I just like to be on top of my business.

Get started making money with drop shipping companies now.

I use the first one for my online stores and this second one to be a ruthless power seller on eBay. The choice is yours.

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